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A list of articles from external services, such as Reddit, can be displayed on a site created by STUDIO using the RSS embedding feature. Once the RSS box is set up, updates from external services will be reflected in the list on the STUDIO site.

Placement of RSS

Use Reddit or an RSS acquisition service to acquire RSS links to any list of articles (users, magazines, etc.), and paste them into the RSS tab of the add panel on the left side of the editor. Drag and drop the added RSS sample boxes onto the canvas to customize the number and design of cards you want to display.

Linking variable data

When placed with the RSS sample box, different variable data is associated with each card by default, such as the cover image and article title.

These data can be changed freely from the data in the RSS. To set or change the data, open the contents panel at the top left of the selection frame.

Ex) Display the thumbnail

Sample Box Update

On a public site, the RSS box reads the latest information each time it is displayed, but you need to manually update the sample box in the editor or live preview. From the Data tab of the Add Panel, click the Update button.

Changing the RSS data to be connected

To change the RSS to which the box is connected, click on the button in the upper left corner of the selection frame of the RSS box to open the Settings panel. All registered RSS data is displayed here, so you can change the connection data by dragging any RSS you want.

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