The List feature makes it easy to create lists that repeat the same layout and manage styles and content all at once.


To create a list, select the box you want to repeat and choose ⌘+L or List from the right-click menu.

The selection box turns green when you list a box.

Managing list contents

The content of each list item is managed in a table in the box setting panel that opens to the right by clicking on the <ul> tag at the top left of the selection box in the list box.

The rows in this table represent each list item and the columns represent the variable content.

You can also use the "+ Add" button to add more columns and tie them to a text/image box in the list item.

Changing reference data

If you want to change the column referenced in an image or text box in the list, go to the details panel of that box and select the key for the referenced variable.

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