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Uploading and Managing Image Files
Uploading and Managing Image Files

How to Upload and Manage Images in STUDIO

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Uploading image files in STUDIO is straightforward. Once uploaded, these images are added to the 'Upload' menu in the editor, allowing you to place them on your page for display on your site.

Within the Upload menu, there are tabs for images, trash, and PDFs. Image files are stored under the Images tab, and PDF files under the PDF tab.

In the Images tab, you can create folders to organize your images and use the search bar at the top to search for images by file and folder names.

Please note: PDF files are not included in the search. Editing file names is also not possible for PDFs, and you cannot create folders in the PDF tab.

How to Upload Files

You can upload image files using any of the following methods:

  1. Drag & Drop
    Simply drag and drop the images onto the editor screen.

  2. Image Tab
    Open the Assets menu from the Add panel on the left side of the editor and click the '+' button. Select 'Upload Image' to add images. If a specific folder is open, the images will be added directly to that folder.

How to Create Folders

In the Images tab, click the '+' button and select 'Create Folder' to organize your image files. You can also add subfolders for hierarchical management.

How to Edit File and Folder Names

To edit a file name, double-click on the file name.

To edit a folder name, double-click on the name displayed at the top.

How to Move Files

Files can be moved between folders. Select the file and click on the icon displayed in the top right corner of the tab to choose the destination.

For moving a single file within the same level, you can also use drag & drop. Note that drag & drop is not available when multiple files are selected.

How to Search for Files and Folders

Use the search bar at the top of the tab to search based on file or folder names.

How to Delete Files and Folders

To delete, click the '×' button displayed on the file or folder. You can also select multiple items for bulk deletion. Deleted files are moved to the trash, and once removed from there, they are permanently deleted.

Please be aware that once deleted from the trash, the files are completely removed from the project and cannot be restored, even using the Version Management feature.

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