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Uploading and Managing PDF Files
Uploading and Managing PDF Files

Methods for Uploading, Deleting, and Setting as Link Destinations

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In STUDIO, you can upload a variety of file formats, including PDFs. Once you have uploaded a PDF, it becomes available as a link destination.

Note: When placing an uploaded PDF file on a page, the file will not be embedded and displayed as an <iframe> box. A text box containing a link to the PDF file will be placed.


PDF files can be uploaded using the following methods. Once uploaded, they are added to the PDF tab in the Upload section.

1. Drag & Drop
Drag and drop your PDF file onto the editor screen.

2. PDF Tab
Open the Upload menu from the Add panel on the left side of the editor, switch to the PDF tab, click on 'Upload', and add your file.


You can delete a file by clicking the '×' button that appears when you hover over the file. Once deleted, it is completely removed from the project and cannot be restored, even with the Version Management feature.

Setting PDF Files as Link Destinations

  1. First, upload your PDF file.

  2. Select the box where you want to set the link and set it up from the 'Box Settings Panel' on the right side of the editor. ※The uploaded file name will be displayed as the link destination.


  • For PDF files, they must be no larger than 30MB

  • At the moment, you cannot change the file name within STUDIO

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