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How to activate the phone or email app
How to activate the phone or email app
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In STUDIO, you can launch the email and phone app when you click on a button.

You can set up both your email software and your phone by adding a link.

Setting up your email software

If you put the following into the link section, your email software will open when you click the link.

The email address you specified will already be entered in the field of the email.

※ When you copy the above sample code, please do not forget to rewrite your email address.

You can also use character references to describe an email address with @. (As an anti-spam measure.)

You can also specify an initial value for the subject and body of the email as follows.【Subeject】&body=【Body】

You can also set up CC and BCC.【Subeject】&body=【Body】

Activate phone

You can set up a link to make phone calls with href="tel:phone number".

tel:【Phone number】

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