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How to set up a link to make a phone call
How to set up a link to make a phone call

You can set tel: and mailto: to make calls and send emails with a click or tap

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*Some parts of the editor in the video may differ from the current one.

1. Open the settings panel of the box

  1. Select the box you want users to clicked/tapped.

  2. Then, click on the link tip in the upper right corner of the box.

  3. The settings panel will appear, so select the "URL" tab in the link section.

2. Enter tel: and the phone number in the URL

In the URL tab, enter tel: and phone number in the input field.

Example: tel:000-0000-0000

*You may or may not have hyphens

It's all set!

About the link for sending mail (mailto:)

If you change tel: to mailto: and phone number to email address, you can set up a link to launch the mailer (mail sending/receiving software) set up in your browsing environment.

There are some disadvantages to this "mailto:" link. We won't go into it in this article but please research it. We have Form functions so please consider using STUDIO Form as well.

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