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The search page displays the results of the CMS item search.

You can search CMS items by the words you enter into the search form, and the results will appear in the CMS list on the search page.

To use CMS item search, you will need the following elements.

  • Search form to enter words for search

  • CMS list to display the results

*The search page includes these elements when adding one.

1. Search form

The Search form is for your visitors to enter words they want to search for, and it transfers them to the search page where the results in the CMS list are displayed.

You can place a search form on any page. You can control where you want your visitors to go after entering words in the search form from the settings panel.

2. CMS list

The following settings are required to enable the search filter in the CMS lists from the list settings panel.

  • Select the text search in the filter field

  • Select the Search term property in the Search string field

In addition to styling the CMS list, you can style the Load more Button, and the no results display. For more information, read Dynamic List|STUDIO U.

3. Previewing search results

You can check how the CMS search works from both live preview URL and Preview by search term.

All the items in the Draft, Scheduled, Changed, and Published statuses are available for search.

In the upper left corner of the page, next to the navigation, there is an entry field for Preview by search term. Enter any words here and the items in the list on the screen will be filtered by the search term.

You can check from the live preview URL as well. All statuses of the items are available for search. On the public site, only the published items are available for seach.

4. Note

Only the text in the tile and body is searchable as follows. Note that text in the properties and items in collections are not for search.

  • Post-type model: text in the title and body

  • Other types of models: text in tile

If the search results don't display on a public site, contact us via chat by clicking the "?" button at the bottom right of the editor.

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