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Content Editing Mode
Content Editing Mode

Explaining the content editing mode where only text, images, and other content can be edited in the editor.

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What is Content Editing Mode?

Content Editing Mode is a feature you can enable during editing operations in the editor. When enabled, only the content (text, images, icons) within the selected box can be edited.

This mode allows you to focus on editing without worrying about layout disruptions due to accidental operations.

Tip: This mode can be set for each user individually. In other words, even if one user enables Content Editing Mode, it does not affect other members editing the same project.

Screenshot: Content Editing Mode enabled.

Restrictions of Content Editing Mode

When Content Editing Mode is enabled, certain editing operations are restricted. The following actions cannot be performed:

  • Editing symbols

  • Editing lists

  • Editing site and page settings

  • Editing page names, paths, and page types

  • Editing boxes linked with CMS properties

  • Set links, HTML tags


Click the Content Editing Mode button at the bottom left of the editor to enable the mode.

Screenshot: Enabling Content Editing Mode.
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