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Import WordPress export file (.xml) into STUDIO CMS
Import WordPress export file (.xml) into STUDIO CMS

Migrate from WordPress to STUDIO CMS

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When renewing from WordPress to STUDIO, contents such as posts and categories, which used to be transferred manually one by one, can now be imported altogether.

With this function, you can import the following content data in the XML file (export file).

  • Posts

  • Author(Username, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Profile Picture)

  • Tags(Name, Slug, Description)

  • Categories( Name, Slug, Description)*except Parent Category

  • Media images used within the migrated data above


Data and settings that STUDIO does not support cannot be imported into STUDIO. Here are some examples.

• Image gallery(align images horizontally)
• Insert audio, slideshows, files, etc.
• Design (layout) of buttons, columns, spacers, table of contents, etc.
• Related articles
• Widgets and theme functions
and more.

STUDIO doesn't support the following functions as well.

• Embedding in general
• Image Captions
• Custom fields
• Taxonomy
and more.

Once the import is done, check the CMS items and edit/adjust them if necessary.

How to import WordPress XML file into STUDIO CMS

1. Export XML file from WordPress

The XML file is written in a simple text-based format and is for data transfer. WordPress export function uses the XML file.

Follow the steps below to export the XML file from WordPress.

  1. After logging into WordPress, go to tools > export.

  2. Click Export All.

  3. An XML file or .zip file will be downloaded. If the downloaded file is a .zip file, unzip it and you will see the XML file.

Please check the WordPress official article for more details.

2. Import to STUDIO CMS

If you start the project with Blank site or templates without CMS functions, you can choose to import when you click Launch STUDIO CMS.

When your project is using the CMS function already, you can start the import from the Import on the left of the CMS dashboard.
*The maximum upload file size is 10MB.

Choose from or drag the XML file to Drop XML File here filed to start the import.

You cannot use CMS functions while importing the file. A notification email will be sent to an account who starts the process when the import is completed or failed.

When import fails or does not complete

When failing the import, something may be wrong with the file format or the data itself.

If it stops working while importing, it may be due to an unexpected bug that needs to be addressed by the developer. Please contact us by clicking ? > Chat with us after logging into STUDIO.

When you contact us, please send us the XML file that you try to import.

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