A STUDIO coupon is valid for upgrading your project to a Starter plan, CMS plan, or Business plan.

How to Confirm the Coupon List

To see a list of coupons, open "Settings" from the Members menu. Navigate to the account tab and open the "Coupon" menu.


  • The coupon menu does not appear if you do not have a coupon.

  • If you pay monthly, the coupon will only be applied for one month.

  • The coupon cannot be redeemed for a project that has already been paid.

How to Redeem a Coupon

To use a coupon, open the dashboard of the project you want to redeem. On the "Plan & Billing" screen, click the "Upgrade" button for the plan you want to upgrade to, and select the payment method (monthly / yearly).

If available coupons exist, "You have coupons available" will be displayed below the total amount display. Click it to open the coupon selection field.

When you select the coupon, the discount will be reflected in the amount display. Please click "Confirm Payment" and make a payment.

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