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Auto Reply on Form Submission
Auto Reply on Form Submission

How to send an automatic reply to a form submitter using a spreadsheet and Zapier

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You can send a confirmation or thank-you email when the form is submitted, using the external integration of the form results.

In this article, we will show you how to set up an automatic reply using a spreadsheet and an app called Zapier.

Integrating a STUDIO form with a spreadsheet

First, you need to integrate a form with a spreadsheet.

You can learn how to integrate it here.

The steps to set up in Zapier

1. Making a Zap

In Zapier, various functions can be realized by creating an original application called "Zap".

First of all, create a Zapier account and log in, then press "MAKE A ZAP".

2. Setting a Trigger App

Set a Zap trigger.

  • App: Google Sheets

  • Trigger Event: New Spreadsheet Row

Select the above and then press "Continue".

3. Selecting a sheet

Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in and connect to the Google account you used to connect with the form.

  • Spreadsheet: [Project Name]_[Form Name]

  • Worksheet: Sheet1

Select the above and then press "Continue".

4. Testing the connection with the sheet

Follow the prompts to test the integration with the sheet.

If the integration is successful, you can select the columns of the form submission that exist in the sheet here.

You will use the columns you selected here as examples of data in the following steps.

5. Setting an Action App

Set an action for the trigger.

  • App: Gmail

  • Action Event: Send Email

Select the above and then press "Continue".

6. Set a source address for auto-reply emails

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect with the Gmail account you want to send the auto-reply email from and select the source address.

7. Create the automatic reply contents

Set the contents of the automatic reply email.

Each field can be typed directly or you can select the value of a specific column in the spreadsheet from the drop-down as a variable.

Set the email address of the form submitter in the "To:" field. The body text will also be created by combining variables.

Below is an example of the settings and the actual mail that arrives.

8. Operating test

When you are done, go to "Continue" > "Test & Continue" to check the test email and if everything is OK, click on "Turn on Zap" and your autoresponder setup is complete.

See how it works by actually submitting the form to your site or live preview.

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