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External system integration of form responses
External system integration of form responses

Collaborate with external tools in real-time with results

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By integrating with external tools from the form's configuration screen, the results of the STUDIO Form can be used to enable result management and notification methods that are not possible with standard features.

* STUDIO takes no responsibility for the protection of data in external tools. Therefore, please check and agree to the terms of the external integration tools before using them.

Spreadsheets integration

Spreadsheet integration allows you to create sheets that are updated in real-time as form responses arrive, allowing you to manage and aggregate form responses in greater detail.

Follow the steps below to make the integration.

  1. Form tab in the Project dashboard > Settings > Click Spreadsheet icon in External system integration section

  2. A sheet dedicated to that form will be generated and will be updated automatically thereafter

* Once unlinked, the sheet will no longer be updated, and a new sheet will be generated when the link is made again.

* Each time the responses arrive in the form, the responses are added to the bottom line.

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