Types of domains that you can use

About domains linked to STUDIO site

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Types of domains that you can use

In STUDIO, for each project, you can set your own domain (eg sample.com) acquired by an external domain service or its subdomain (eg blog.sample.com, www.sample.com).

If you are using a subdomain, please set up the subdomain you want to use beforehand in the domain service.

Please note that the project cannot be linked to the subdirectory (e.g. sample.com/blog).

About domain transfer

If there is already an A record for the service that was previously used for the domain, the TTL setting of the A record should be done beforehand on the domain service. If you set the setting as short as possible and wait for the TTL, you will be able to set the domain in STUDIO smoothly.

STUDIO does not provide domain management service.
If you do not want to continue managing the domain with the previous service, you need to transfer it to another external domain management service.

About server

Please note that all STUDIO sites are managed by the STUDIO server even if you use your own domain, and you cannot use your own server.

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