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How to create a "Share" button
How to create a "Share" button

How to create a button that can share content to a social media website

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In the STUDIO3.0 design editor, the variable「$url」is available for use.

This is a variable called "URL of the page you are currently viewing".

You can select the variable from the contents panel of the text box or include it in the destination URL string of the link panel.

"Share this page" Button

You can use the $url variable to create a button that will open up the share screen for Facebook or Twitter. This way the link will be dynamic, so it is possible for your share button to also be dynamic even if you put it on the CMS detail page, as seen in the example below!

A share button is created by setting the following URL as the destination link for the button. This link will create a pop-up that allows you to post and share the content.

Twitter:[url of the page to share]&text=[Text in Tweets]&via=[User names included in tweets]&related=[Users displayed after tweeting]&hashtags=[hashtag]

Facebook:[url of the page to share]

You can create a valid "Share this page" button by replacing the "url of the page to share" part of the link above with the $url variable.

Share Button Template

In STUDIO's editor, we have the Twitter and Facebook template ready for use to save you time from creating it every time.

In the add panel under Box, scroll down to "Social". Open it and you will see the buttons we have available. Just drag and drop them onto your page!

Of course, you can customize the buttons to your liking.

※ When setting up the Tweet button, it is necessary to open the link panel and arrange the wording. Groups starting with "&" can be added and deleted at will.

Twitter Tweet

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