You can add ancillary information to an item, called "properties".

For example, if you add properties such as "Cover Image", "Author" and "Tags" to the model "Blog", you can write this information to the items in the Blog model.

When you place the item on your site, the content written here will be used as accessory information for that item. It can be displayed dynamically.

Adding Properties

Properties can be added/removed in the top right corner of the CMS dashboard under "Settings" or within the item detail screen.

Because property settings are made per model, when you add or remove properties on the item detail screen, changes will be reflected for all items in the same model as well.

The property type

There are three main types of properties that can be added

- Text property

You can add text information to your items, such as a subtitle to the article or a user's job title.

- Image properties

Each item can have its own image properties and can be used as a cover image or background image.

- Reference property

If you set any model as a property item, you can use one or more items to refer as ancillary information.

For example, the article model could have a user model as an "author" property or use property that refers tag model to tag articles. You can use it in various ways.

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