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How to embed a Facebook Page
How to embed a Facebook Page
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Unlike Twitter, Facebook allows you to easily embed a Facebook page into the STUDIO website by using the Page plugin service provided by Facebook officially.

1. Facebook page plugin

On the Facebook page plugin page, you can add the URL of the Facebook page you want to embed in. You can also add optional options such as width and height.

2. Get an iframe code

When you're done setting up the URL and options, click "Get Code". Then the code will be displayed in modal. In this case, you would like to get the embed code for an iframe, so I click the iframe tab. Then copy the code.

3. Paste it on STUDIO

Once you get the code, go back to the STUDIO editor and place the embed box. Inside the embed code, copy and paste the iframe code you just got and you'll have a Facebook Page embedding on your website.

Placement of the share button

If you want to place a share button, click here for creating the Facebook page plugin share button. The process is the same as embedding a Facebook page!

Facebook Page Plugin (Share button):

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