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How to embed Twitter feed into STUDIO
How to embed Twitter feed into STUDIO
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Here are two ways to embed a Twitter feed in STUDIO.

Use a Twitter Box.

In STUDIO, you can easily embed any content in Twitter by adding a Twitter box.

Use Feedwind

Therefore, use a service called FeedWind to make feed embedding code. (There is a fee.) FeedWind is a service that publishes code that can embed feeds from various services. By using this service, you can customize the display.

1. Register FeedWind

First, you can sign up FeedWind here.

2. Connect with your Twitter account

Once you've registered, click "Create Widget".

There are options like RSS and Google Calendar, but in this case, choose Twitter. When you are asked to authenticate, press OK and connect it to your Twitter account.

3. Get the embed code.

Once the Twitter integration is complete, you'll get the code to embed it. Click "Save & Get Widget" in the upper right corner. You'll see only a script tag by default. This time, we want an iframe tag, so we'll press "Get iFrame Version" and display the iframe code.

When you see the iframe code, copy it and you're ready to go!

↓The iframe code should look like the following

<iframe src="" height="602px" width="100%" class="fw-iframe" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

4. Paste it in the studio

Once you get the code, go back to the STUDIO design editor and set up the iframe box. Copy and paste the iframe code you got earlier into the property, and you are done embedding Twitter feed!!

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