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In order to publish your site, you must first decide a domain, which is the address of your home page. If you have your own domain, you can also use it. If not, you can easily use the STUDIO subdomain.

Public configuration panel

Click "Publish" in the top right corner of the editor or "Publish Settings" on the dashboard to open the project's Publish Settings panel.

Publishing in subdomains

With STUDIO's FREE plan, you can publish your site as a subdomain of Specify the part of for each site.

Enter the string you want to make a subdomain, and if available, a "Save" button will appear to save and publish.

Publishing with custom domain

If you want to publish your site on your own domain that does not include, the following is required

  • Buying a domain through Google Domains or other DNS (Domain Name Service)

  • Upgrade your project to a paid plan

For more information on how to connect custom domain to the STUDIO website, see this article.

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