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Overview of Add-ons and Payment Details
Overview of Add-ons and Payment Details

Learn about the "Custom Proxy" and "Custom Headers" add-ons available with STUDIO's Business plan, including detailed payment information.

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Applicable Plans: Business

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are additional features you can incorporate based on your website’s needs. These are available for projects on the Business plan with a separate contract. This article explains the overview and payment details of each add-on.

  1. Custom Proxy

    The custom proxy allows you to integrate with your existing reverse proxy, directing specific subdirectories of your domain to a STUDIO project. The fee is $290 per month, billed monthly. For more details on setup, refer to Setting Up a Custom Proxy.

  2. Custom Headers

    Custom headers enable you to set HTTP response headers for each project in STUDIO, allowing you to add security-related headers. The fee is $140 per month, billed monthly. For more details on setup, refer to Adding Custom Headers.

Payment Details

Add-ons are billed monthly. The billing date and renewal date are the same as your plan’s payment date. Additionally, if you downgrade your plan, the add-ons will automatically be discontinued.

You can check your payment history and invoices in the dashboard under [Plans & Billing] in the [Payment History] section.

Screenshot: Viewing the payment history.

First Payment

The initial billing amount will cover the remaining days until the next plan payment date. The exact billing amount will be displayed on the payment confirmation screen.

Example of Annual Plan Billing Cycle

If you have a Business plan with annual billing and you contract an add-on, the billing cycle will be as follows:

First Billing

March 28, 2024

Add-on Contract Date

May 16, 2024

First Billing

Covers May 16, 2024, to May 28, 2024

Subsequent Billings

The add-on will renew and be billed on May 28, 2024, and continue to renew and bill on the same day each month thereafter.

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