Categories and tags can be displayed on the detailed page of a CMS Article. This article explains how to configure one category and multiple tags for an article.

Navigate to CMS Dashboard and create models as follows:

  • Article Model

  • Category Model

  • Tag Model

Then create properties in the article model as follows:

  • Category Reference Property (Single Select)

  • Tag Reference Property (Multiple Select)

Create a details page of an article in the project. (Please see more details of how to create a details page here)

Display a Category

The steps to display categories in the design is as follows:

  1. Place a text box to link with a category.

  2. Click <p> tag and open the details panel.

  3. Click a text field and select Title property in the category in the dropdown.

  4. The category will be displayed in the text box.

Display Tags

The steps to display tags in the design is as follows:

  1. Place a text box to link tags. (Solid gray is applied to the box for better visibility in the sample below.)

  2. Click <p> tag and open the details panel.

  3. Click the text field and click Tag property in the dropdown.

  4. The text box will be transformed into a list and the tag names will be displayed.

The design looks as below after applying a category and tags.

When there are details pages for categories or tags, Dynamic Link can be configured from the ">" button on the top right of the selection box.

※ For more details of creating the details page, please see this article about how to configure the filter list.


Please see below when you have trouble managing tags.

A Configured Tag Can Not be Altered Later on

Single to Single or Multiple to Multiple properties are editable once they are once configured. The re-editable properties are as follows:

  • Single Property can be only linked to Text or Image Box.

  • Multiple Selection Property can be only linked to List

Let's say when you want to alter the "Tags (multiple choice)" box already listed to "Categories (single choice)" later, "Categories" will not appear as an option.

In the case where you want to alter the properties between Single and Multiple, you need to create a new Box or change the property reference on the CMS dashboard.

Tags can not be added from the Add Panel.

"a list of all items in the tag model" is only available in the Add Panel. No template available for the "List of tags associated with this article" as of now. Please create tags by following this article.

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