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Apply Diverse Styles to Your Text

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The Rich Text Box allows you to apply diverse styles to your text, such as giving a distinct look to specific words or characters.

To add a Rich Text Box, drag and drop it from the Add panel on the left side of the Design Editor.

Using Markdown Syntax

You can use Markdown syntax in the Rich Text Box.

For more information on how to use Markdown, please see the following article:

Setting Styles

You can set styles such as colors and fonts for the entire block of text.

You can also select specific words or characters within the entire block of text, and apply unique styles to them like bold, italic, strikethrough, underline, and links.

Afterward, you can select the styled text, as demonstrated below, and make further adjustments using the style bar.

From the style bar, you can apply text gradients. When using text gradients, please consider the followings:

Limitations When Applying Gradients to Texts

  • Combining with Other Styles

    You will not be able to apply the following style settings, if you have a gradient applied to your text.

    • Change the background color of the text box

    • Add underlines

  • Animating

    • Browser compatibility
      Transitions (duration, delay, and easing) rely on the CSS “@property” rule, and its support may vary across different web browsers. For details, please refer to the following page:
      "@property" | Can I use... Support tables

    • You may encounter instances where the text briefly disappears, when utilizing conditional styles to transition from a "solid color → gradient.”

  • Others

    You may experience the disappearance of bullet points (• or numbers) when you apply gradients to a list (<ul>, <ol>).

    You will not be able to apply gradients to specific words or characters. Gradient settings will apply to the entire block.

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