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Text Style
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When you select a text box, the "Text" tab appears on the style bar. Here you can edit the text style.

Note that you can also adjust the text size, line height, and letter spacing on the editor.

Size / Thickness

The font size is specified in points. Depending on the font, you can also change the weight.

Letter spacing / Line-height

The character spacing is specified in "em", where 1em is the standard character spacing, and the larger the number, the wider the spacing between characters. In "Line Height", you can set the height per line of text.

Italic / Underline

You can italicize or underline your text.


To change the color of your text, open the Color Palette to pick a color or gradient.

Limitations When Applying Gradients to Texts

  • Combining with Other Styles

    You will not be able to apply the following style settings, if you have a gradient applied to your text.

    • Change the background color of the text box

    • Add underlines

  • Animating

    • Browser compatibility
      Transitions (duration, delay, and easing) rely on the CSS “@property” rule, and its support may vary across different web browsers. For details, please refer to the following page:
      "@property" | Can I use... Support tables

    • In addition, you may encounter instances where the text briefly disappears, when utilizing conditional styles to transition from a "solid color → gradient.”

  • Using with Forms

    You will not able to apply text gradients to Form elements like <input>, <textarea>, and <select>.

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