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Setting and managing fonts
Setting and managing fonts

Learn how to add and set fonts in STUDIO. This guide covers adding fonts and sub-fonts, applying them to text, etc,.

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Manage and apply fonts in STUDIO

All STUDIO plans include free access to FONTPLUS and Google Fonts. These fonts are added to the font list for use. This guide will show you how to manage and use fonts and sub-fonts.

💡 Uploading or importing your own fonts is currently not supported. Please use the fonts provided within STUDIO.

What is the Font List?

The Font List is located in the Style panel on the left side of the editor.

Fonts can be reordered by dragging, and the topmost font in the list becomes the default font for the project. When you place a new text or rich text box on the page, this default font is automatically applied.

Screenshot: showing the font list.

Adding fonts

To apply a font to text, first add it to the font list.

1. click on the "+" in the upper right corner of the font list

Screenshot: adding a font to the font list.

2. Select a font.

Select a font service and search by font name or filter by style or language. Click on a font to automatically add it to the font list.

The filtering criteria differ depending on the font service, but you can select multiple styles and a single language.

Screenshot: selecting a font.

Applying fonts

With the text box selected, select the font of your choice from the Text tab > Fonts at the top of the screen.

Screenshot: Applying a font list.

Replacing Fonts

The replace feature allows you to batch replace an applied font with another font.

1. Open font details

From the Font List, select the font you want to replace.

2. Selecting the font to replace

Click the "Replace" icon and select the font you want to replace it with. The font will be replaced immediately.

Screenshot: Replacing a font.

Changing Labels

The labels displayed in the Font List and elsewhere can be changed for each font. Click a font in the Font List to edit it. Using names like "Heading 1" or "Body" is recommended for easier management.

Screenshot: Changing a font family name.

Finding Where a Font is Used

Hover over a font in the font list to highlight its use.

Screenshot showing the application of a font.

Select a font in the font list and open "Pages Used" to see a list of pages where that font is used. Click on each page to go to that page and check the application.

Screenshot showing font usage.

Removing Fonts from the Font List

To remove an added font from the Font List:

Open the Font List and select the font you want to delete. Click "Delete Font" to remove it from the list.

Screenshot showing font deletion.

If there are any pages using that font, "Substitute and Delete" will be displayed, and a modal will appear for you to select a replacement font.

Screenshot showing font replacement and deletion.


  • A maximum of 50 FONTPLUS font families can be added per project.

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