You can set Google Fonts to a text box and a Richtext box in the design editor.

  1. Add fonts

  2. Substitute and delete

  3. Change font label

  4. Find where the font is used

All the fonts you use in the project are in the font list. First, add fonts to the font list. Once you add the fonts to the font list, they will appear in the font settings of a box in the text style menu. You can set fonts by clicking fonts there.

The font at the top of the font list is initial (default) font in a project. This font will automatically be applied in newly placed text boxes and Richtext boxes.

Add Fonts

You can browse the Google Fonts list by clicking the Add font in the font list and adding fonts to your list.

Substitute and Delete

Google Fonts list will appear when clicking on a pencil icon next to a font name.

Then, select a font you want to replace.

You can always remove fonts from the font list. In the Font family settings, you will see the delete section, where Continue to delete or Substitute and Delete will be shown. If the font is not used on the site, you can delete the font by clicking Continue to delete button.

Change font label

You can edit the label of the font in the font list by clicking the pencil icon next to the font name. We recommend using labels such as Heading 1 and Body.

Find where the font is used

In the Pages used section, you can check the list of the pages where the selected font is used. You can click on the page in the list to access the page, and the boxes using the font will be highlighted.

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