In STUDIO, we set a limitation on the number of page views per plan.

Free Plan

10,000 PV

Starter Plan

50,000 PV

CMS Plan

100,000 PV

Business Plan

1,000,000 PV

The page view counts up when a user views a published page. You can check the current number on the left-bottom corner of the dashboard.

This number will be updated every day, and it displays the total number of page views in the month.

When the numbers of page view exceed the limit

Your website will not be unpublished immediately, but please consider upgrading your plan if you expect to exceed your page view count.

If the monthly page view count continues to exceed, we will contact you and suspend the service.


There is no limitation on the number of page views for FREE, BASIC, and PRO plan that will be discontinued on 2023/2/28.

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