• I want to make a members list on my site using CMS

  • I want to set up a link to each member's social media profile

  • The types and number of social media accounts that each member has are different

    In this article, we will show you how to make a members list using social media links as follows!

Prepare your content in the CMS Dashboard contents

This time you will need the following reference structure.

Let's check how we can make it!

① Create a member's model

First, create a user type "Member" model, and create items for each member. It's okay to leave the properties set to default.

② Create a member's social media model

Create a separate "Member social media" model with a custom type.

The three required properties are:

  • Title(Member name_Social media name)

  • Social media icon

  • URL(Destination URL for their social media profile)

Once it has been created, register each member's social media information as an item one bye one.

③ Add member social media properties (multiple references) to member model

In the "Member" model that was created in the beginning, create a multi-reference property of the "member social media" model and name it "Social Media".

④ Associate each member with their social media

Link the "Member social media" item to the "Social Media" column of each "Member" item.

This completes the content creation part!

Set up a list in the design editor

Once your content is ready in the dashboard, place the list in the editor.

⑤ Place the list of members

Place the list of created Member models from the CMS tab in the add panel.

⑥ Create a social media icon list for each card

Place an image box inside the card, list it, and link it with the Member Social Media> Social Media icon property.

⑦Set the URL of the member's social media as the destination link

Select the "URL" property from the + mark just below the cursor in the URL input field.

⑥Arrange your design and then you are finished!

You have now created a members list with the social media links!

"Multiple reference property" is a technique that can be applied in various ways.
So if you want to use more CMS for your website, please try it!

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