How does the STUDIO's responsive design work?

STUDIO makes your site responsive by setting the default design for PC size and adding style instructions for scaling down to Tablet and Mobile size.

Most of the style information can be configured to behave responsively, but text wording, images, and grouping structure cannot be changed.

How to set up a style change

To actually set up the style changes in Tablet and Mobile, edit the element with the responsive bar and the left and right screen handles to change the canvas size in the editor.

The part that you set the style of responsive will have a green shade for Tablet and an orange shade for Mobile. Pressing the × at the top right resets the responsive settings in that area.

Custom breakpoints

You can customize their widths ("pixels") with entry, or by simply dragging their markers.

*The breakpoints setting will be common through the project, and cannot be changed for each page.

Check the Custom breakpoints article to learn more about the settings.

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