You can set up a link for a box.

Click the ">" icon in the upper right corner of the box selection to display the link panel.

Choose a destination page at the "Page" tab in the Link section.

If you specify the ID of the box in advance, it will appear in the destination list in the "Page" tab.

Check here to learn more about ID setting.

Open and Close the modal

If you select a modal in the "Page" tab, sets it to open.

In the modal, you can select "Close Modal" at the Link setting.

On the URL tab, you can type the external site URL. The New Tab switch allows you to set whether the URL will open in a new tab.

You can also select a variable called $ url. This represents the URL of the page itself and can be used as a link when sharing the current page.

Even if the path of the page changes later, the variable part doesn't need to be updated each time.

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