These are the points to keep in mind when changing plans.

BASIC Plan(Monthly)➔BASIC Plan(Annual)

If you change to an annual plan during the course of a monthly plan, the remaining amount of the monthly plan will be discounted from the annual plan.

BASIC Plan(Annual)➔BASIC Plan(Monthly)

You cannot change from an annual plan to a monthly plan. Please note that you will need to cancel the current plan in order to change a project with an annual plan to a monthly plan. Please note that we will not refund the annual payment.

BASIC Plan(Annual)➔BASIC Plan Cancellation 

We do not refund annual payment. You can resume your plan at any time during the paid period with no additional charge.

BASIC Plan ➔Currency change

No refunds will be made.
*You have to cancel the account once and sign in again to set the new currency.

If you accidentally upgraded your Plan

Please note that if you downgrade your plan immediately after upgrading your plan, the price of the first payment will not be refunded.

Is there any payment method other than credit card?

Currently, the only payment method that can be used is credit card.

What are the supported currencies?

We accept US dollars and Japanese yen.

Where can I check my contract status?

You can check it on the project dashboard.

About contract period of Upgraded Plan

It will be updated monthly or yearly from that day.
(Example: If you upgrade your plan to a monthly plan and pay on April 19, 2020. Next payment will be on the following month May 19 2020.)

About downgrade of current Plan

Upgraded plans can be downgraded at any time. To downgrade a plan, go to the "Plan & Payment" page on the project dashboard.

Then, click the "Downgrade to FREE Plan" button displayed in the FREE plan to proceed with the plan downgrade procedure.

Is STUDIO price per account? (About the contract form of the Plan)

STUDIO plans are paid per project, not per account. Therefore, only one plan can be applied in one project. If you want to publish multiple projects on your own domain, you need to upgrade each individual projects.

Changing credit card information

If you want to change the card information, place the cursor on the user icon on the upper right and click "Settings" from the menu that appears. Open the "Credit Card" tab in the settings menu, where you can change the card information.

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