STUDIO updated the payment system and revised the plan on December 10, 2019.
We ask those who are using the old Publish plan to renew their plan. Thank you for your cooperation.

Update Details

  • Settlement in dollars → Settlement in currency based on country of residence
  • Monthly payment only → Monthly or annual payment
  • Can now use same card on multiple projects
  • All renewed project dashboard!

New Plan

  • The Plan name and the price was been revised and renewed.
  • The functionality of the old Publish plan is still available in the BASIC plan.

Request for Plan renewal

The old Publish plan will be discontinued in the future. We have created a special plan for customers using the old Publish plan. Please update early.

How to renew the Plan

  1. Select monthly or annual payment from the dashboard plan renewal modal.

2. Please select your country of residence. * Please note that once it is set, it can not be changed.

3. Enter your credit card information and click Register.

4. After entering your credit card information, please update the plan by pressing the "Update" button.

5. That's it !!The payment cycle will remain unchanged and the first withdrawal will occur on the next scheduled payment date.


Can I use the current Publish plan features?

  • Yes you can.

Do I need to update all Publish Plan projects?

  • Yes. Thank you for your patience. You only need to update Credit card registration for the first project.

When is the first payment date after the change?

  • The payment cycle will remain the same and will be deducted on the next payment due date prior to the plan renewal.

Is the special pricing, a limited time offer?

  • No. Special rates will apply until you change the plan or downgrade the plan.

Can I change to an Annual payment after changing to a monthly BASIC plan?

  • Yes. However, it will be a regular annual payment fee and no refund will be made for the remaining plan period.

Can I change my country of residence and settlement currency?

  • No. It is not possible to changed it once it is registered. 

Can I change the Billing owner?

  • If you are an owner and the other person have the same payment currency, they can become the payment owner.

Can other owners see the card information?

  • No.

Can I divide the settlement currency for each project?

  • No.

Can I change the Billing owner to an owner with a different settlement currency?

  • No.

Can I downgrade before the first payment date of the new plan?

  • Yes. The plan ends on the next payment date. Once the plan ends, the special price will not be applied.

Can I downgrade my current Publish plan?

  • Yes. However, if you want to upgrade again, it will be changed to the BASIC plan with the normal charge. Also, there will be no refund for the remaining plan period.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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