Publishing a website is quick and easy on STUDIO.
There are currently two plans available: a free and a premium plan.

Below you can see highlighted the main differences:

Publishing with STUDIO subdomain

A subdomain is a domain connected to another domain. On STUDIO you can publish your website for free if you use a subdomain (ie.

To publish for free with a STUDIO subdomain:

  1. Click on Publish from the right on the top bar from the editor, or Upgrade/Publish from the dashboard
  2. Enter your subdomain on the left side of the bar
  3. Click on save & publish
  4. Your site is live!

Publishing with a custom domain

A custom domain is an original link name associated with a website.

To publish a website on STUDIO using a custom domain, you need to upgrade to the Publish plan.

You can do so by clicking on Publish from the editor and choosing ‘Upgrade’.

For a step by step explanation on how to connect a custom domain to a website on STUDIO, read this article.

SSL certificate

SSL is a certificate that guarantees the security of a website. When a website is SSL certified, there will be a green lock next to its URL on the Url bar.

All websites on STUDIO are automatically SSL certified so there are no additional settings required after publishing your website.

Whitelabel: eliminating STUDIO logo

To eliminate STUDIO logo from the bottom left of your website, you need to upgrade to the Publish plan.

Once you have upgraded

  1. Go to the Apps page from your dashboard
  2. Turn off ‘ Display Banner on your site’ 
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