Create Project

To create a project, click on ‘create a new project’. Then, choose whether to start from a blank page or one of our professional templates.

Manage Project

To view and edit project details, access the project dashboard:

  1. Log into your account and going to your homepage
  2. Under recent projects, hover on a project and choose ‘Dashboard’

or, from the editor click on your project name. 

Edit Project Cover

To add a project cover, click on the empty project cover from your project dashboard and upload an image.

Deleting a project

  1. Go to your projects list
  2. Move your mouse over the project you want to delete
  3. click on the X on the top right of the project

Other settings on project dashboard

Other settings that can be accessed from the project dashboard are: 

  • Live Preview. Create or de-activate a sharable live preview link.
  • Publish. Publish with a free plan or upgrade to a premium plan, unpublish.
  • Members. View, add project members, edit authorizations and remove members.
  • Pages. Edit pages URL paths as well as meta tags, social cover and favicon.
  • Forms. See form submissions and add or edit a notification address.
  • Apps. Connect third party apps such as Analytics, Intercom, Search Console.


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