To add text, drag and drop [T] from the left bar onto the canvas. To modify the text, click on the text area and type.

To style text, select the text you want to modify and use the top bar under ‘Text’ tab.

Text Style Properties

These are the text properties that can be set from the top bar. 

  • Spacing: The space in between letters.
  • Height: The space between text lines.
  • Size
  • Font
  • Weight: Making text bold or light.
  • Align: Left, center or right alignment.
  • Color

Learn more about the color palette here.

※Currently, you can't put gradation and shadow on the text.

Google Fonts
You can use the Google Fonts library on STUDIO.

To open the Font Library, go to fonts from the top bar and click on +. 

From the Google Fonts slider, you can search a specific font or browse fonts by style or language.

Once you use a new font, it will be automatically saved to your fonts menu on the top bar. To delete a font from you it, simply click on X next to it.

Text Box Style & Creating Buttons

Other than modifying the text, it is possible to modify the text box color & style. 

By changing the text box background color and style, you can create buttons. 

To style the text box:

  1. Switch to the ‘box’ tab on the top bar. 
  2. Modify Fill color, borders and so on as you like.

More on box style properties here.

You can also add mouseover effects to make the button look clickable. 

Learn how here.

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